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ttell the guy who runs undetermiend gaming to unband me

Discussion in 'Fast Threads' started by chuck, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. chuck

    chuck king of private sector

    well i was wondering who ran undertermined gaming so i could speak to him or a get a message to him about me being ip banned and i was wondering if i could appeal because like not sure why im bbanned like the last hl2rp server on clockwork? had to play it had to play the hl2rp server after like so many yeear
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  2. Sloth_

    Sloth_ Runs a shitty Hl2rp community Legend Clockwork Customer

    You'd have to go to their forums and appeal a ban.
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  3. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer

    Ban appeal accepted. Please come back.
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  4. Aspect

    Aspect =) Legend Clockwork Customer

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