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HL2RP Upsilon Networks: Half-Life 2 Leak Roleplay

Discussion in 'Communities' started by SovietPride, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. SovietPride

    SovietPride Clockwork Customer


    Hello everyone, I am Scorpion W2 and I am hosting a server with the aid and sponsorship of Upsilon Networks.
    Half-Life 2 Leak Roleplay

    This roleplay schema will be based around the events of the alternative timeline of Half-Life 2 with a darker, grittier, and more surreal story.

    A little about myself, I am a veteran of the Half-Life 2 Roleplay community since the introduction of the Nexus schema. I want to ensure that players will have the best roleplaying experience without the hassle of bias, "business", and grinding-MMO style gameplay.
    My goal is both fun and serious roleplay that will cater to all parties within the Half-Life 2 universe.

    I hope that everybody will get an opportunity to try out our server and be a member of the community.

    We are planning for a release demonstration on the 24th of June with the full release of the server on the 28th of June.
    Stay Tuned for any updates!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/6REPFdF
    Forums: https://upsilon.network/forums/index.php?forums/half-life-2-beta.169/
    Content: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1763869558
    Server Address:

    A year passes after the "The Seven Hour War". The Combine Empire utilizing the Portal Storm's bridge of access have successfully invaded and occupied Earth.
    The Combine's numerous synthetic and organic forces engaged the world's militaries and quickly outmatched their speed, ferocity, and technological advantage.
    The leaders of the Earth forged an uneasy treaty not long after to save the remaining human lives left all over the planet.
    It was agreed in this treaty that humanity will be spared in exchange for the planet's natural resources and eventual terraforming for the true "hosts".

    The creator of this pact with the Combine was dubbed "The Consul", a late-aged political figure who once ran the former satellite nation known as Ukraine.
    Not much is known about the Consul as he is never seen in the public eye with the exception for his appearance in broadcasts, telescreens, posters and various other types of propaganda over the newly-established urban centers of the world.

    Even with the war's end, The Combine continues to fight the disparate fragments of the Earth's many militaries as well as the remnants of Xen.
    The Earth's atmosphere becomes darkened and plagued with pollution as facilities dubbed "AirEx" are erected in secret to alter the world's climate for terraforming.

    Fringe elements of rebels and criminals have begun surfacing all over the centers as the deterioration of life and liberty begin taking its toll on the populations of Earth.
    The Civil Protection governed by the Consul are established to restore order to civilised society. Citizens volunteer to police their urban centers in exchange for family safety and comfort.
    Captain Augustus Vance commands the Earth's conscripted military to guard the Combine's deepest secret. Although, it is said that other motives may be present to his endeavor.
    The fate of the world is at a standstill.


    You step off the rickety steps from your wooden hut and glance above at the distant alien tower that touches the scorched sky.

    Transition is coming soon, you know it wouldn't be long until the Combine relocate you to City Seventeen.
    Will it be any better than this..?

    This is your life; your choices will have consequences and who you will side with will determine the outcome of the world...
    Currently at the beginning weeks of the server's start. We will be outlining events of the "Wasteland" outside of City Seventeen. This will guarantee players the opportunity for freedom, exploration, and familiarizing before the transition to the City. Our loremaster has established events and scenarios to ensure a reputable storyline conducive to the Leak.
    If you would like to know more about the Wasteland and the lore surrounding it, here is the link to our lore:


    The main firefight action for this server is primarily S2W/S2RP. S2K can be implemented at the discretion of the server administer.

    Citizen & Denizens
    The citizens and denizens are the last remaining humans on Earth that survived the "Seven Hour War" and the current Combine Occupation. They range from a variety of characters, affiliations, and ethnicities from all over the world. They work to ensure the sustainment of their urban centers or they forcibly rebel the occupation. Citizens will have the opportunities for a variety of positions, occupations, organizations, etc. Citizens are held accountable under a Union Court ruling system while living within the urban center.


    Civil Laborers
    The Civil Laborers is an organization of three separate divisions that ensure the proper life-support for every urban center. The three divisions are Fabrication, Requisitions, and Documents.
    Fabrication: Responsible for the construction, dismantling, and disposal of all materials in the city and wasteland.
    Requisitions: Responsible for the production and management of all business-oriented ventures for the citizens.
    Documents: Responsible to serve as the public arbiters for the citizens in the Union Court as well as ensuring proper documentation of all Civil Laborer events.

    Civil Protection
    The Civil Protection is the main policing and security organization of every urban center. They are responsible in ensuring the protection of "civilised society" and prosecuting violators of that sanctum.
    The Civil Protection will be split into two roles:
    Patrolling and Presence of the City
    Prosecution of Citizens and Members of the Union under the Union Court system.
    The UNION Court system is a unique link to allow citizens to effectively defend themselves in a trial with the help of a public arbiter. The highest-ranking Civil Protection officer or Laborer will adjudicate the system and determine the factor of fate to the defendant.
    Additional Information here: https://upsilon.network/forums/index.php?threads/civil-protection-handbook-lore-keeper-edition.467/


    The Conscripts are the remnants of Earth's militaries conscripted into the Combine Empire to guard the Air Exchange facilities and assets while also "transitioning" refugees to citizens within the nearest urban center. Conscripts makeup the bulk ground-force of the Combine alongside the support of mechanical and synthetic air support and artillery. They are led by Captain Augustus Vance who commands the City Seventeen sector of Conscripts. They are the first generation of soldiers "subsequent" progression to a new breed of military fighters that are still under development.
    If you have any questions or feedback in regards to the upcoming server and schema. Please let me know on the comments below or private message me. I will not respond to community biases or past history as it diverts away from the attention of this server. Thank you.

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    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
  2. SovietPride

    SovietPride Clockwork Customer

    Hello everyone! Just want to advise that this week we are opening up the server for demonstration and opportunities for players interested to build their characters in the wasteland!
    The server will be unlocked NLT 5:00pm(1700) EST on June 24th, 2019 for everyone to play and enjoy.
    If you wish to see the background of the lore for the Wasteland, be sure to click on this link for more information: https://upsilon.network/forums/index.php?threads/wasteland-la-platz-lore-mega-thread.450/

    See you around!
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  3. karl-police

    karl-police Hotrod turret Clockwork Customer

    Nebulous cloud 2 but not in Helix

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  4. dead flag blues

    dead flag blues "...ours is a world of nuclear giants..." Clockwork Customer

    Will this be run on Pihlwork?
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  5. SovietPride

    SovietPride Clockwork Customer

    No, this is running the latest version of Clockwork. 1.3 Edited.
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  6. Sloth_

    Sloth_ Runs a shitty Hl2rp community Legend Clockwork Customer

    I will be suing you for plagiarizing my pride and joy
    Epsilon Roleplay hl2rp

    This looks fun, I wish c16 had a dark mode, it would make your post look better :(
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  7. Savvyge Investments

    Savvyge Investments Clockwork Customer

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